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FSP is a Finnish company, providing a wide range of solutions for surface protection. The long-term business relationship with Spondeo includes support in exhibiting at the fairs, designing content in different language versions and visualising the display on fairs. We also provide recruitment solutions at all levels of employment.

Nordcloud is Finnish fast growing IT company providing cloud-based solutions. In 2017, Spondeo conducted a project of temporary management of operations in Poznań, including overseeing entity’s staff at the office location, financial budget planning, preparing employee benefit scheme and creating a draft of employment policies.


LVS Brokers operates in the innovative financial services industry.
In 2017 and 2018 Spondeo has conducted the whole process of entering the market, starting from market research through a wide analysis of the legal environment and competition, including also mystery shopping. The highlight of the project was the establishment of a Polish company, the creation of content for the website and the employment of the first manager.


Concria provides services in the concrete cleaning and polishing industry. Since 2018, Spondeo coordinates the process of obtaining property tests and product certification for the European market of Concria's produts.


HUB logistics is a Finnish origin group providing warehouse logistics outsourcing and consulting services. Our project started in 2014, aiming to grow via acquisition, using such tools as market research and screening of targets. The acquisition was successfully completed in March 2017. Spondeo provided consultancy during the whole project and concluded financial DD.


Stofix is Finnish origin brick cladding manufacturer. Our project started in late 2014, aiming to open production in 6 months. Spondeo managed to find a location, recruit key staff to production and finally establish the company in Poland.


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