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Quality Manager

Wrocław and Szczecin


About the job

Purpose of the position

Ensuring the required product quality on the production line of the paint shop. Continuous improvement of product quality, product quality assurance systems, and production processes. Ensuring an effective system for verifying and approving product quality, and quality in the production process in the factory as well as providing feedback to support departments. Conducting internal audits in accordance with the requirements of IATF16949 and ISO 9001. Cooperation with external clients and internal departments of the organization.

Main tasks:

  • Training new operators/leaders on quality standards;

  • Supporting the team in solving everyday quality problems;

  • Using   qualitative   and   quantitative   methods   to   ensure   quality   and   develop processes and finished products;

  • Systematic   auditing   of   the   paint   shop   area   in   terms   of   quality   (of product/process/system);

  • Support in supervision over the implementation of post-audit activities;

  • Systematic monitoring of performance and quality targets, as well as taking appropriate actions in the event of deviations from the norm;

  • Implementation of corrective and preventive actions;

  • Supervision over non-complying product;

  • Separating the product / placing in area for the non-complying product / updating the systems and documentation / qualifying the product: repair / scrapping /complaint / use without corrections (conditional release);

  • Re-qualification of the product;

  • Analysis and verification of internal and external customer complaints;

  • Cooperation with other departments;

  • Participation in internal and external trainings conducted to improve qualifications;

  • Keeping statistics and timely reporting to interested parties;

  • Supervision over the entrusted documentation;

  • Preparation of analyzes and reports required by the superior;

  • Obligation to follow the supervisor's instructions regarding work (if they are not contrary to the law or the employment contract);

  • The obligation to perform work conscientiously and carefully


  • Continuous development of quality processes;

  • Responsibility for creating, updating and maintaining documentation about quality of the paint shop's production area;

  • Responsibility for maintaining and constantly updating quality management tools (FMEA, CP, APQP, 8D, SPC, MSA);

  • Building quality awareness among employees of the paint shop;

  • Supervision over the compliance of the paint shop’s quality management with the requirements of ISO 9001, IATF 16949;

  • Conducting and analyzing quality indicators in paint shop areas;

  • Responsibility for the results of work of the paint shop in the scope of: reduction of quality errors in the paint shop area, setting and implementing goals in terms of the quality of manufactured products;

  • Responsibility for the implementation of corrective actions and supervision over their implementation;

  • Proactive and efficient quality assurance of surface preparation and painting processes as well as of finished products;

  • Supervision of the designated area;

  • Supervision   and   development   of   an   effective   quality   verification   system   for processes and finished products;

  • Development of quality processes in accordance with the company's strategy;

  • Organization and supervision of quality meetings;

  • Quality supervision over the introduction of new products;

  • Representation of paint shop departments to external auditors and clients.

About you

About you:

  • SO 9001; IATF 16949 (earlier called ISO/TS 16949)

  • audit license;

  • knowledge of drafting 8D or A3 reports;

  • knowledge of quality management tools (like FMEA, CP, APQP, 8D, SPC, MSA);

  • knowledge of quality tools and lean manufacturing;

  • MS Office; 

  • ability to work in a team; 

  • ability to read a technical drawing;

Company offer

  • private healthcare

  • space for growth

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