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Business Mixer & Warta Poznań football game

Last Saturday we had the pleasure to co-host a well-awaited business event before the football game Warta Poznań - Raków Częstochowa in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Poland. We had roughly 60 participants from the Finnish-origin companies and community in Wielkopolska area.

We enjoyed Warta Poznan sharing their club’s long history (est. 1912), describing the core green values, and presenting an ambitious plan for the future, including the plan for the new stadium in Poznan. And of course, as Warta is ”the Finnish team” in Poland, we got video greetings from both of the Finnish guys of the team. We as a Spondeo had also a small intro to our company, team, and the classic table of differences between Poles and Finns in doing business :D The obligatory business card lottery included gifts from both Warta and BestCoders Oü – the newcomer in the Poznan IT scene from Finland.

We were happy to see that most of the guests arrived with younger family members - who enjoyed the special section at the stadium designed for kids.

We would like to thank once again Warta Poznan and Maciej Wojdyło, Bartosz Wolny, and Niina Farjaszewska for inviting us to your game! If it is up to us, this was not the last business mixer we did together! And of course thanks to our Anna Jędrzejewska for the great coordination work you did again!

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