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Cashless Poland

Zaktualizowano: 6 maj 2019

No-cash transactions get popular thanks to Cashless Poland Program.

The Non-cash Payment Support Program called Cashless Poland was launched at the beginning of January 2018. The initiative is assisted by the payment services market – payment card providers, The Polish Bank Association and Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Poland. The point is to abolish the costs for of payment terminal installation for entrepreneurs, as well as the costs of its use during the first year after installation. The plan includes increasing the number of cash terminals in Poland by half a million.

The program aims to popularize non-cash transactions in Poland. Cash payment and ready capital is a large cost for the economy. Cashless Poland Program has been initiated in order to minimize that problem. People tend to be more willing to pay by card, also buying single items for a small amount of money. Even 1/3 of cardholders want to pay using only cards. It means that thanks to enabling card payment for customers, shops can avoid losing clients who are not able to pay by cash.

Over the first four months of the program duration, there were 25000 new payment terminals in 4000 towns across Poland. Almost one-third of the companies that installed new terminals are non-food stores (footwear, clothing, electronics, etc.). The second place (26.4%) took service providers (hairdressers, car mechanics, beauty salons). Grocery stores came in third place with a result of 11%.

Cashless Poland Program has been created for small and medium entrepreneurs who want to start accepting non-cash payments for their goods and services and have not accepted non-cash payments during the last 12 months. Entrepreneurs may submit their application to the program by the end of 2020.

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