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Changes in SEZ condition in Poland

Zaktualizowano: 6 maj 2019

Polish government approved a plan to expand Special Economic Zones onto the entire country. Tax preferences in the new SEZ will depend on the place of investment, its character and quality of created jobs. Investments in medium-sized cities, which losing economic and social functions are considered as key issues.

As the Government Information Center has pointed out the draft introduces a mechanism to support entrepreneurs in making new investments in Poland. The proposed support is to replace the existing system operating in special economic zones - currently, there are 14 of them. Until now, the area covered by Special Economic Zones was 0,8 % area of ​​the country.

The proposed solution is to increase the investment attractiveness of Poland for potential investors by creating conditions conducive to the location of ambitious economic enterprises in our country. Mainly enterprises that have an impact on the competitiveness and innovation of regional economies, and consequently on Poland's economic development, will be rewarded. This includes knowledge transfer, conducting R&D activities, but also providing favourable conditions for employees, including those going beyond standard benefits from the company's social benefits fund.

The conditions for obtaining a tax exemption depends also on the size of the company and the unemployment rate in a given area. The required investment expenditures will be adjusted to the capabilities of companies, depending on whether they are micro, small or medium enterprises. Also, the economic and social situation in a given area will be taken into account, including the principle that the higher unemployment in the area, the lower the required investment expenditures.

As a result of the introduced changes, Poland should improve its competitiveness in comparison with neighbouring countries. The varied investment conditions offered by Poland will allow the selection of projects adding value to our economy.

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