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Finnish TietoEVRY will hire 200 IT specialists in Kraków

The Finnish IT company TietoEVRY will transform its Kraków office into a banking solutions center, where as many as 200 IT specialists are to find work.

  • Thanks to this investment, the number of the company's employees in Poland will exceed the barrier of 1000.

  • The company has 4 Polish offices - besides Kraków, TietoEVRY can be found in Szczecin, Wrocław and Gliwice.

The Krakow branch will specialize in creating advanced IT solutions for the financial sector, primarily for demanding markets in the Scandinavian countries.The programmers will have a chance to work on pro-ecological solutions based on financial instruments in the area of ​​green funds. The company's technologies are also used to fight smog, develop ecological methods of energy storage or visually map air quality in real time.

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