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Sales & Lead Generation

As a service or by a single project

 You will benefit from our experience in carrying out successful sales, lead generation, and sales partner network projects from very different sectors – from biomass and VOC emissions to SaaS solutions.

Our international team can serve you in six languages:
English, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, and Ukrainian.

We're detectives – we use LI, research, networking, and interviews by sourcing quality leads and contacts based on your parameters and our own search.


We're editors who draft cool, strategy-based scripts and use video tools to boost your brand. Copypaste is banned – we need to boost your brand!


We contact people through digital channels (LinkedIn & email) and calls, and do site visits when possible.

We conduct A/B testing and write personalized messages.


We collect and deliver market feedback, findings, and recommendations. There is always something new to share!

Want to boost your sales?

Fairs and events

We love to generate positive vibes. From factory visits to business mixers.

In 2022 alone, we organized and helped organize 11 events, from business mixers and summer picnics to a football event and stand-up comedy evening. We also had a special guest from the North – Santa himself found time to visit our team and network. We also helped organize a fair and study trips around Poland.

BestCoders business mixer, 2022

How we work


We will tell you openly what we have done, the challenges we face and feedback from the market. And we don't hide.

"Bad news is good news, good news is no news and no news is bad news" (Risto Siilasmaa)


If it turns out that we need to change the original plan, it’s not a problem, just another obstacle we will overcome new doors are always opening on such projects, as old ones.


Pretending is for others, we come as we are and good or bad sense of humor is always appreciated.

It also means it is good to share feedback both ways in a kind professional way.


One of the lamest line ever is "What is the biggest room in the world? Room for improvement". Well, it's also true. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own twist to the project and things can be always done a little better!


We are available to discuss any matters concerning market opportunities or recruitment challenges. Book a call with us or get in touch by phone, email, our contact form, or LinkedIn. We're here and ready to help.

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