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We carry out remote recruitment mainly in Poland, Ukraine and Finland, but with our process location does not matter. Our customers are in the construction, engineering, logistics, services, manufacturing and IT sectors.

Recruitment Team as

a Service


RTaaS is a model based on a monthly subscription with adjustable workload and fixed budget frame per month. The customer receives quick access to our team comprised of three to four expert recruiters who are contracted to conduct pre-analysis, direct search and contacting, followed by a transfer of interested candidates.

One-time projects



Contrary to RTaaS, one-time projects consist of a full-cycle recruitment process. The thorough recruitment campaign, based on the use of video interviews, is always proceeded by a direct search. The customer is charged a fixed price consisting of non-refundable prepayment and success fee.


Besides traditional recruitment and direct search, we can also assist in creating the contracts and advising on labor rules and policies.

Launching Sales

We help our customers to launch sales by finding agents and re-sellers, testing the concept and defining the final product scope. We can also serve as first point of contact during beginning of the project and participate in meetings + providing translation services.

Typical project is to organize 3-5 meetings with potential clients or sales partners. Both remotely and face-to-face. 


M&A and Finance

We provide screening of potential target companies, establishing first contacts and setting up meetings. In case further assistance needed, we are pleased to help in DD process (especially in finance). We can also help in accounting & finance issues on temporary basis.


Go-to-market projects

Are you looking for market information or willing your potential clients in Poland or Finland or elsewhere in Europe? We'll do hands-on project based on your needs.

We do customer approaches, market surveys, analyzes, price surveys and concept design which are executed within 2 to 4 weeks. As a part of the project we can also make a light legal check on a case-by-case basis. We strive to include interviews with potential customers or industry experts.


Sales as a Service

Are you interested in outsourcing sales force to achieve your company's goals? We offer effective SaaS on a monthly based subscription.


We take care of every stage of a project from lead generation and customer sourcing through call campaigns to participating until the end of the process as a local partner. You will benefit from our experience in carrying out successful sales partner network projects. Our international team can serve you in eight native languages: English, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian.

Real Estate Research

Looking for office / warehouse / production facility in Poland? We have ready established contacts and knowledge of market specifics and prices. Real estate deals often come with hefty contracts – where we can also advise or provide contact to recommended business lawyers.

Basic warehouse / office search advise is free of cost!

Establishing Company

Establishing new company takes 1-3 months, depending on local court. Buying a shelf company is faster way to start operations. Whatever way you prefer – we are here to assist. Ask also for ready companies to buy!


Got interested?

We are always ready to discuss anything related to market opportunities or recruitment issues.

You can easily book a call as well as reach us by phone, email, contact form or via LinkedIn.

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