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Spondeo in the Czech Republic specializes in delivering consulting and recruitment services to both public and private entities across diverse sectors.

Whether your goal is team expansion, enhancing sales, or exploring the opportunities in the Czech market, our dedicated team is here to guide you towards success.

Recruitment in Czech Republic

Unlock tailored recruitment solutions with us: fast-track your candidate search, scale effortlessly with our remote team, or lease experienced recruiters for high-volume hiring. Elevate your hiring game today!

Go-to market Projects

We do market research for different industries, connect people, and assist with projects, ensuring a successful journey for our clients in Czechia.

Sales Boost

Elevate your lead generation with us: we offer Sales Qualified Leads, versatile projects, and a broad European network. Benefit from SQLs, insights, and expert sales support for smooth market entry and network expansion.

Consulting & Advisory

If you're considering opening a business in the Czech Republic, we're here to simplify the process, offering expert guidance and personalized solutions to ensure your business thrives.

Our local representative
Joonas Mäkilä

Joonas, a seasoned business professional situated in Prague, boasts two decades of expertise across several sectors, spanning local and international markets.


His career encompasses roles within multinational corporations, as well as contributions to private equity-backed and entrepreneurial ventures.

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Our recent projects in the Czech Republic include sales partner searches for industrial clients, comprehensive market studies across various sectors, IT partner searches, a successful lead generation campaign for a SaaS client, and many more.


Contact us to discover the customized solutions we can provide to support the growth of your business!

Let's talk about the Czech market!
Tuomas Asunmaa - Spondeo Founder

p. +48 514 615 048

p. +358 50 535 2525

tuomas asunmaa

We are available to discuss any matters concerning market opportunities or recruitment challenges. Book a call with us or get in touch by phone, email, contact form, or LinkedIn. We're here and ready to help.

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