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Spondeo is a Finnish-Polish-Ukrainian family company established to support the growth on Polish & CEE markets.

Our roots are in Poznan, Poland, but in 2022 we expanded to Lviv, Ukraine. Our team members can currently also be found in Finland, Lithuania, and the USA.

We are industry-independent, serving clients from every area, from manufacturing to IT clients and everything in between.


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The team at Spondeo


Tuomas founded Spondeo together with Weronika in 2014, and since that he has helped over 120 companies to do business in Poland and CEE. Tuomas started his journey in Poland in 2005, and has lived in Wroclaw, Warsaw, and now in Poznan since 2015. He likes Polish pragmatism and never stopping dynamics and enjoys making some “funny” observations. In free time he is passionate about music, books, sports, and art and newspapers in a paper format.


Weronika is an HR expert, online recruitment professional with 10+ years of experience. She is passionate to connect Spondeo’s clients’ from a wide range of businesses with top talents. You’ll also meet her in various market entry and consulting projects with a recent focus on sustainable design and circular economy. Weronika loves slow-flow yoga, downhill skiing, Helsinki summers, and frosty winters in Lapland. Proud mother of Maria, lucky wife of Tuomas:)

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Piotr joined Spondeo in 2018 and ever since has been engaged in sales projects for our industrial and IT customers. He is a graduate of European Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and MBA of Georgia State University program at University of Economics in Poznan. He loves to spend his time with his family and his three kids who keep him busy. When he finally has time for himself he likes to hit tennis balls and read good literature.

Andrzej joined Spondeo in 2016 with only a general understanding of Finns and Finland. Since then, he has lauded the people of Finland for their moral character, originality, and dry sense of humor. He genuinely enjoys his work, which is frequently related to cross-border business development and market entry projects. He perceives it not only as a way of growth for companies but also as an opportunity for fostering intercultural understanding and cooperation. 

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Tomasz graduated from International Economic Relations with a specialization in International Business at the Poznań University of Economics and Business and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Marketing. Tomasz joined Spondeo in February 2021 and is now working as a business consultant on a number of international projects. Professionally and academically, he is interested in the concept of sustainable development. In this regard, he is active in the student club at his university, serving as vice president. 

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Anna is a graduate of Poznan University of Economics and Business and joined Spondeo in June 2021, having opportunity to take part in various recruitment and market entry projects. Since she approaches life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination, besides her interest in international business, she is happy to create graphics, draw, and read psychology books in her spare time. She is also a fan of spontaneous travels and a healthy lifestyle.

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Julia Morta is pursuing a Master’s degree in Management at Poznań University of Economics and Business (currently at student exchange at ISCTE Business School in Lisbon). At Spondeo, she is the manager of executive newsletter and takes part in various consulting projects. She is an enthusiast of books, travels and good movies. In her spare time, she enjoys taking long walks with her spaniel Leo and playing the harmonica.

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Oksana is a graduate of the National University of Lviv, international relations and communications department. She considers herself a global citizen, and proud to be Ukrainian. She is on the position of Project Coordinator at Spondeo since the beginning of 2022. In her spare time she writes poems, and reads books as well as watches good movies and k-dramas, paints and embroiders. Her biggest desires are traveling and exploring the world. And she does love sports such as swimming, fitness, and workout.

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Natalia graduated from Lviv and Kyiv universities, has experience of working at Polish and American companies. Since she has been living in Poland for some time, she managed to learn a bit of Polish and really enjoy the possibility to improve it with her Polish colleagues in Spondeo. Has been working in the company since the beginning of 2022 as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. In her free time, she likes exploring historical places and new cities of Ukraine, taking photos and videos.

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Piotr joined Spondeo in 2022. He is a graduate of the Department of Law at the University of Wroclaw. Most of his professional career Piotr has worked in broadly understood HR, from recruitment and retention to human resources management - with each and every project closely related to Finnish market. At work always goal-oriented and scrupulous yet not headstrong to the limits. Loves to travel and meet new people. Big fan of Finnish sauna, northern lights and rye chips.

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Tania graduated with a bachelor's degree in English lang. and literature from Ivan Franko Lviv National University. She has worked as an English lang. tutor, and has done creative projects for the Lviv Regional Youth Center. She has experience in sourcing & recruiting and enjoys learning about web/app design. She assists Spondeo as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. In free time likes riding a bike, making film photos, painting with watercolors, and watching documentaries about crime or science.

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Vika is gaining her degree at LCC International University in Contemporary Communication. Previously, she worked as copywriter, market researcher, sourcer, and a photographer. At Spondeo, she is working on the website, creates graphic visuals, and helps with the market research projects. In free time, Vika is practicing art and graphic design and photography as her hobbies.

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We are available to discuss any matters concerning market opportunities or recruitment challenges. Book a call with us or get in touch by phone, email, our contact form, or LinkedIn. We're here and ready to help.

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