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How much time per week do Poles work?

In 2022, people in Poland worked 40.4 hours per week, the second longest in the European Union (after Greece). The usual working week in the EU averaged 37.5 hours. For comparison, Finns worked 36.2 hours per week. The shortest working week was recorded in the Netherlands (33.2 hours).

According to the recent report by Personnel Service, 28% of employees in Poland would welcome the introduction of a 4-day work week. It was added that one in ten employers plans to implement such a system. The authors of the study believe that it is possible to create a model where entrepreneurs make higher profits while reducing working hours for employees without cutting their pay.

Polski Instytut Ekonomiczny reported that 51% companies in Poland think that moving to a 4-day work week is impossible due to the nature of their industry. 52% medium-sized and 47% large companies agreed with this view.

Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk announced that she has commissioned the Central Institute for Labor Protection to analyze labor efficiency in relation to the number of hours an employee works per week.


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