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Poles work from home

Remote work are the words that have recently accompanied a significant part of the society. The coronavirus pandemic meant that for a moment we had to forget about office buildings to be able to move work to our homes.

According to data from the Central Statistical Office, nearly 2.33 million people in Poland work remotely, of which as much as 70% (1.67 million) began working in such a model immediately after the outbreak of the virus.

Remote work is above all greater freedom in making decisions about when and where we want to work. The main advantage of working from home is therefore saved time, which would normally be used, e.g. to get to the workplace.

According to information obtained by on a group of 2,000 respondents, nearly 7 out of 10 people expect the growing role of the remote work model in the future, as well as the increase in the number of online recruitments. Currently, the number of remote work offers on the market has increased by almost 30%, which may indicate the growing popularity of this solution.

On the other hand Poles are not so used to working from home, and as the research shows, they haven’t been prepared for it. Until now, remote work was an option reserved for the IT industry, but now more and more companies are choosing this type of solution. According to a study by Nationale-Nederlanden, even a quarter of Poles would like to transfer their work home for a longer period of time. In turn, 10% of people do not like this solution and would rather go back to the office.

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