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Unemployment in Polish cities still reaches even 13 percent

Zaktualizowano: 6 maj 2019

Unemployment in Poland is historically at the lowest level. The highest employment rate is spotted in the big cities, but what can be a surprise, the lowest indicator of unemployment occurred not in Warsaw, but Poznań (1,5%). Unfortunately, in some cities the situation is rather less optimistic.

The official unemployment rate in Poland in January 2018 reached 6,9%. Unfortunately, not everywhere the level was that low. The situation differs according to voivodeships. As is shown on the graph, the worst situation is in Warmian-Masurian, Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Podkarpackie Voivodeship. In Poland, there are 5 counties in which the unemployment rate is higher than 20%: Braniewski, Bartoszycki, Ketrzynski, Wegorzewski and Szydlowiecki (the highest indicator – 26,5%).

Below you can see the list of Polish cities with the lowest and the highest unemployment rate (data from January 2018).

In January, 145,5 thousand employment offers were applied to the employment offices. It is 49,8% more than a month ago and 18,6% more than a year ago. The number of job offers in the private sector increased year on year, while the number of offers in the public sector decreased. Entrepreneurs declared group layouts - although the score is lower than a month ago, it is still more than a year ago. The number of 121 companies want to get rid of 11,6 thousand employees, including 2,1 thousand workers from the public sector.


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