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Services in Poland, CEE & Finland

go-to-market consulting in Poland
Spondeo was established in 2014 and we currently have a team of 13 members. We are based in Poznan, Poland, but early in 2022, we expanded to Lviv, Ukraine. Our Lviv team is working remotely.

Our core principles are transparency, flexibility, and effectiveness.
We value straightforward communication, we come as we are, and believe efficient collaboration involves enjoyable work.

Our Publication

Our latest publication about Finnish Business and Culture in Poland came out in December 2022. It contains numerous interviews, reports, success stories, and new market entries, as well as the culture & sports section.

It is additionally enriched by numerous photos, maps of Poland with pinned Finnish companies divided into a few sectors, and interesting infographics presenting leading Finnish enterprises in the Polish market.

The following companies have supported this project:
YIT | Wolt | Efecte | Vincit | Pagero | Ecovis | Leinonen | HT Laser | FSP |
Polar Night Software | Hydroline | Espeo Software

Spondeo publication, business news from Poland

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We are available to discuss any matters concerning market opportunities or recruitment challenges. Book a call with us or get in touch by phone, email, our contact form, or LinkedIn. We're here and ready to help.

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