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Spondeo publications

Spondeo wraps up every year by releasing a new edition of extensive publication, Finnish Business & Culture in Poland.


All publications contain news about recent market entries and expansions of Finnish companies in Poland, success stories from various sectors, interviews with managers experienced in Finnish-Polish business, as well as a culture & sports section. Every release is additionally enriched by numerous photos, maps with Finnish companies in Poland, and rankings presenting leading Finnish enterprises in the Polish market.

While predominantly focused on activities of Finnish companies in Poland, the publications are a valuable source of insights and practical advice for anyone interested in the Polish and other CEE markets.


We are available to discuss any matters concerning market opportunities or recruitment challenges. Book a call with us or get in touch by phone, email, our contact form, or LinkedIn. We're here and ready to help.

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Check the latest edition!

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2nd edition

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1st edition

Our publications throughout the years

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