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10 Polish startups to keep an eye on in 2023

In 2021, around EUR 792M were invested in 425 transactions in 379 Polish innovative companies. Compared to 2020, this represents a strong increase, both in terms of the number of funding rounds and in terms of total funding value.

With Flexee app, employees can pay out a part of their future pay check – on any day of the month; source: N7Mobile

Here are the fast-growing Polish startups that were founded between 2019 and today:

1. DemoBoost: Warsaw-based B2B SaaS company that aims at simplifying how work teams can prepare, edit and share product demos in a few minutes. DemoBoost collected a total amount of EUR 1.7M since 2021.

2. Mindgram: Warsaw-based B2B mental health and wellbeing platform founded in 2021. Since then, it has raised a total amount of EUR 9.9M.

3. Doctor.One: Warsaw-based virtual clinic startup that aims at giving people easy access to private doctors care. This startup was founded in 2021 and so far collected a total amount of EUR 2.6M.

4. Flexee: Warsaw-based startup is revolutionizing the way salary is earned and managed by employees. It was founded in 2020 and raised a total amount of EUR 3.8M.

ReSpo.Vision leverages the latest, cutting-edge AI research and use it to watch & analyze football games, source: Forbes

5. ReSpo.Vision: Warsaw-based Sport Tech startup is revolutionizing the football sector with their AI. It was founded in 2020 and landed a total amount of EUR 3M in funding.

6. Digital First AI: Rzeszow-based B2B marketing platform that helps companies in making an efficient marketing strategy saving time and money. The startup was founded in 2021 and loaded EUR 1.1M since then.

7. esportsLAB: Bialystok-based esportsLAB is an esports performance analytic platform that enables esports users and organizations to be more self-aware and better know their potential. It was founded in 2019 and raised EUR 5M till date.

8. Booste: Szczecin-based fintech startup that aims at giving financial growth to ecommerce companies. It was founded in 2020 and so far collected EUR 14.6M in funding.

9. BioCam: Wroclaw-based innovative health tech startup that is bringing a new way of doing gastrointestinal examinations, more comfortable and easy to do. This innovative medical startup was founded in 2019 and raised EUR 2.1M since then.

10. Tech To The Rescue: Warsaw-based startup is linking tech companies to non-profit organizations in order to let social impact organizations learn and increase their knowledge and be more influential. Since 2021, it raised EUR 1.3M.

Source: EU-Startups

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