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40 years in Finnish-Polish business: Interview with Markku Ekholm

Have you ever wondered how the Finnish-Polish business has changed since 1980? Sure, you could look for some statistics on the topic or... ask Markku Ekholm, who has experienced it all himself.

We went for the second option and today we are happy to share the outcome with you. In 2023, Markku celebrates 40 years in Finnish-Polish business and 30 years as the CEO of Suomen Unipol. In an interview in our new publication, Tuomas Asunmaa asked Markku to explain the changes in the industry, business scene, and Poland itself from the perspective of a Finn.

  • What did Warsaw look like during the communist period?

  • How does it feel like dealing with Poles as a Finn?

  • What are the tips from the CEO who has seen it all?

Find the answers to these and other questions here:

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