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8 reasons why Poland is becoming European superpower

What lies ahead for Poland in the near future? According to The Telegraph, the country is on its way to become wealthier than the UK by 2030.

The author of the article describes his gloomy impression of Poland in 1989, right after the fall of communist era. A lot has changed since then and things are expected to look even better in the next few years.

You might have heard about the Polish post-communist economic boom but what exactly put Poland on track to become the new central European superpower?

1. Polish economy has been growing faster than in richer European countries. GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power in Poland is now €32,455, compared with €40,282 in the UK and €45,806 in Germany.

2. Poland has become a hub for modern industries such as tech and battery manufacturing, and the country even has a trade surplus with Germany.

3. Living standards in cities like Warsaw or Wroclaw are already similar to those in London or Berlin.

Wroclaw, Poland

4. Polish economic migrants are returning to the country because of improved quality of life, numerous exciting job opportunities and lower living costs than in Western Europe.

6. The country has a quality education system and regularly ranks better than Germany, France, or the UK in math, science, and reading.

7. Firm stand against Russian aggression and generous support towards Ukrainian refugees has won Poland many allies.

8. Polish military strength is improving with defense spending higher than in countries such as Germany, Britain, and France. Poland plans to double the number of soldiers to 300,000 and heavily invests in modern weaponry.

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