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Attitudes of Polish workers during labor market recovery

The latest study was conducted in September and October 2021 on a representative group of 2,097 respondents. Portal experts took a closer look at areas such as Poles' attitude to changing the place of employment, the expectations towards employers and the preferred length of the recruitment process.

  • 31% of Poles are actively looking for a new job.

  • 85% of respondents are open to new job opportunities.

  • Every fourth respondent changed the employment model during the pandemic.

  • Every third Pole changed jobs in the last two years.

  • Both staying at work and leaving are most often determined by earnings - Poles most often look for a new job because 73% of them want to get higher salary.

  • As many as 82.5% of Poles believe that a month is the maximum time that can be spent on recruiting before making a decision.

When selecting specific job offers, the majority of Poles pay attention to remuneration - 81% of respondents take it into account. Easy commuting to work came second (43%) and the company's stability and security came in third place (40%).

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