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B2B electronic invoicing mandatory in 2023

The bill concerning new electronic invoicing system has been approved in October - it still is not ratified by the council of ministers. All companies registered in Poland for VAT purposes will be impacted by this measure.

To promote the use of the new platform the government has announced a 1/3 reduction in VAT return times (20 days instead of 40 or 60) for its users and has exempted its users from having to declare the JPK_FA file.

The KSeF is a central government platform for the issuance and reception of electronic invoices. The invoices can be searched in the KSeF portal and downloaded in the original format or PDF. The portal will also double as a storage device archiving electronic tax documents for 10 years.

  • October 2021: Beginning of test period. Companies that would like to volunteer to participate in system testing can do so.

  • January 2022: Voluntary phase. Companies that would like to can begin electronically invoicing.

  • January 2023: mandatory use of the electronic invoice

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