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Finnish business in Poland as you've never seen it before

Zaktualizowano: 5 maj 2023

One of our most exciting recent projects is a 76-page catalog which takes the reader on an absorbing journey into the world of Finnish influences in Poland.

Spondeo’s first publication contains several engaging stories concerning cultural and business activities led either by Finns or Poles who became captivated with different aspects of Finland. It turns out that Finnish influences in Poland is present in multiple areas, from art and education through sports to various companies and other organizations.

The catalog is additionally enriched by numerous photos, maps of Poland with pinned Finnish companies divided into a few sectors and interesting infographics presenting leading Finnish enterprises on a Polish market.

The publication is titled “Finnish Business & Culture in Poland” and will be printed soon. If you would like to receive a printed copy, please feel welcome to let us know.

You can also access it online right now by clicking here ->

We wish you a joyful reading and hope that you will discover some fascinating surprises about Finnish community in Poland along the way!

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