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Finnish Codemen expands to Poznań

Hölökynkölökyn Poznan!! Finnish IT company Codemen Oy, which operates in the Baltics and Eastern Europe under the BestCoders Oü brand, is expanding its network and services to Poznań, Poland.

  • There are over 20,000 ICT specialists in the Poznan area and 1,500 professionals graduate annually from three IT universities in the city. As noticed by Juha Karjalainen, Chairman of the Board of Codemen, it makes this region a particularly attractive destination for Finland’s largest network of software companies.

  • Codemen's growth is driven by Caleo, an artificial intelligence web platform. Caleo fulfills the expert expectations for up to 30 seconds. It is free and quick to use for its users. “Why wouldn’t we offer such a functional and ready-made platform for the use of non-Finnish companies as well,” Karjalainen continues.

We at Spondeo are excited to help Codemen successfully enter Polish market by providing early stage advisory, support and recruitment services + helping to create the local partner network. It sure seems like a beginning of an amazing partnership. Welcome to Poznań!

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