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Finnish-Polish dream team: Espeo explains 3 rules of successful cooperation

Zaktualizowano: 17 maj 2023

Espeo Software was born out of an appreciation for the Finnish work culture. Everything started 14 years ago, when the owners – Sylwia and Paweł Rogowicz – returned from Finland with the idea of starting a company that would share Finnish values.

Source: Espeo Software

At Espeo Software, Poles enjoy working with Finns. They appreciate their “matter-of-fact” approach, professionalism, and tech-savviness. But what about the Finns themselves? Aren’t the cultural differences between the two nations too great? According to Aki Inkeroinen, Managing Director of Espeo Oy, the Polish and Finnish work cultures are actually quite similar and can be summed up in three catchphrases.

1. Straight into business

Let’s look at the numbers. Finland has approximately 5.5 million residents, while Poland has 37.7 million. With the growing importance of digitization, the Finnish market has work for more than 14 thousand developers, but it is impossible to fill this need locally. Luckily, Poland, being a European Union country with its abundance of software houses, is a great place to start the search.

Espeo Software has many skilled senior developers with impressive portfolios of projects. As IT and programming are the preferred majors in many Polish high schools, new people are constantly joining their ranks. However, it is not just about the numbers and our Finnish clients speak very highly of the skills of our UX/UI designers and architects and the excellent work they deliver.

2. No useless chat

Some nations enjoy small talk. This may cause their decision-making processes to take ages, as chit-chat tends to be a huge part of business discussions. At Espeo Software, we do not waste any time.

Polish developers focus on the task at hand rather than commenting on the weather. And, with a high English fluency level and strong soft skills, the meetings go fast and help clients stay on top of the current project state.
"Finns appreciate the let’s do it attitude that Polish developers have", explains Aki Inkeroinen. "It makes cooperation seamless and efficient - just how we like it."
Source: Espeo Software

3. “Let’s do it!”

There’s one thing about speaking our minds that Finns really appreciate. Developers at Espeo Software are not afraid to criticize and comment on their clients’ ideas. It may sound counterintuitive or impolite, but from the Finnish perspective, if a client comes to a software expert, they expect the best possible results. And sometimes that requires a whole different perspective.

Polish developers do not have a problem with saying “Hey, I think it could work better if we did this another way.”

When it comes to Polish-Finnish technological cooperation, it seems the warm feelings are mutual. After all, the only thing separating Poland and Finland is the sea – which might be vast, but not impossible to cross.


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