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Gaming industry in Poland

According to a recent report from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Polish video game market is now worth EUR 470 mln. Poland is a home of gaming giants such as CD Projekt, PlayWay, 11 bit studios, and Ten Square Games. 96% of games produced in Poland are exported abroad.

  • Overall, Poland can boast around 440 game development studios, making everything from so-called AAA games (an industry term to denote the games with the highest budgets) to indie efforts and smaller games played on mobile phones. These studious provide jobs for nearly 10,000 people.

If we talk about the consumer market in Poland, there are 16 mln gamers in the country - almost half of the Polish population.

One of the reasons why Poland is so successful in the gaming industry is thehigh level of mathematics present in the education system, which in turn leads to a high number of very skilled programmers. Higher education institutions in Poland now offer more than 60 degree courses related to making games.

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