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IT company Efecte decided to invest in Poland

Finnish stock-listed SaaS company Efecte has made an offer to purchase Polish conversational AI company InteliWISE.

  • InteliWISE’s technology would strengthen Efecte's platform, enabling digitalization and automation of work with exceptional experiences for everybody involved. Customers would be able to take their employee experience to the next level and benefit from increased digitalization and automation of any service processes.

  • The planned acquisition would open Poland as a new direct market for Efecte and bring InteliWISE’s offerings available to customers across Europe through our sales organization and partner channel.

Together with the talented InteliWISE team of 49 professionals, Efecte would also be able to build on Poland as a location for R&D, professional services and customer success. This would be a natural step for the Finnish IT company following its long-term collaboration with R&D partners in Poland.

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