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IT in 2021 - new reports

No Fluff Jobs conducted a study on women’s situation in the IT market. What does the IT industry look like from the women’s perspective?

  • 53% of women in IT graduated from non-tech studies and 22% of women currently active in the industry acquired knowledge during the self-study process.

  • Most IT specialists declared that they are currently working in Testing (16%). Then, Backend and Frontend (each category won 12% of the votes) tied on the podium. In total, 34% of women declared that they work in developer teams.

  • The respondents did choose the salary as the most important factor at work - women primarily appreciate a positive atmosphere in the company.

Check also a report on IT market in Poland in 2021 here.

  • The number of job offers addressed to IT specialists amounted to 91,000 (236% increase y/y).

  • The median of the upper salary brackets was PLN 18,400 (EUR 4,067) net (9.5% increase y/y).

  • Backend specialists were most often searched for, and advertisements were sent to them by over 160 percent more than in 2020.

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