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Kemira Świecie & Gdańsk: Celebrating Milestones in the Polish Market

Kemira is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions for water-intensive industries. Kemira provides the best-suited products and expertise to enhance customers' product quality, processes, and resource efficiency. The primary focus areas include pulp & paper, water treatment, and the energy industry.

Photo by Kemira Świecie

Kemira Świecie – 30 years on the market

In 2023, Kemira Świecie proudly celebrated three decades of excellence in the Polish market. As a key player in the Pulp & Paper segment, the journey has been defined by innovation, commitment, and a team of nearly 60 highly skilled specialists dedicated to serving clients across Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and the Caspian Region.

Throughout these years, Kemira Świecie's production plant has consistently delivered high quality products, contributing to the success of clients across the entire EMEA region. Our growth and achievements wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our valued clients and dedicated partners.

Photo by Kemira Świecie

To express our gratitude and celebrate this significant milestone, we gathered in the enchanting surroundings of Gniew Castle. The occasion fostered a warm and friendly atmosphere, bringing together clients and collaborating companies for meaningful interactions and mutual appreciation.

Kemira Gdańsk – 10 years on the market

Meanwhile, Kemira Gdańsk marked its 10th anniversary in Poland. Over the past 10 years, the Business Services Center in Gdańsk has evolved from a transitional phase with centralized management to a value-adding hub seamlessly aligned with the global business strategy.

A dedicated team of 250 professionals from 12 nationalities powers the Gdańsk center, handling customer order management, finance & administration, IT, and orders for goods and services. In the last few years, a transformation towards knowledge-based roles has been observed. This is possible thanks to prioritization of internal recruitment, work-shadowing programs and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. Gdańsk employees have therefore undertaken positions in logistics, trade operations, sourcing, payments, VAT & intrastat, talent development, digital solutions, operational excellence, regional planning, and many more.

Photo by Kemira Gdańsk

Striving for excellence and great know-how cannot be enough in today’s world. Kemira is a very egalitarian company, diverse and inclusive. That is why the center got nominated to the ABSL Diamonds Award in the category of Vibrant Workplace with Kemira Wellness 360 program. Recognitions such as "The Most BeLOVEd BSC in Tricity", "Most Foreigner Friendly Employer" and also “Social Responsible Employer” underscore the center's commitment to social responsibility.

Kemira has taken bold steps by establishing employee networks such as KemPride (LGBTQIA+) and Woman Network, emphasizing ethics, sustainable development, diversity, and inclusion. Marta Gołubowicz, Managing Director of Kemira Gdańsk, encapsulates this commitment, stating,

"We have launched two employee networks and are open for more. Topics such as ethics, sustainable development, diversity, and inclusion are treated with the greatest attention”.

In summary, Kemira's journey is not just about operational tasks; it's a narrative of resilience, transformation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in a world that demands more than just know-how.

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