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Kempower Poland: Shaping E-Mobility in a Finnish Style

Kempower, founded in Finland in 2017, designs and manufactures fast-charging DC solutions for electric vehicles and machines. The company is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. In 2023, Kempower expanded to Warsaw, Poland. 

Julia Morta talked with Grzegorz Kujawa, manager for CEE Commercial Vehicles, and Justyna Masztakowska, manager for CEE Private Vehicle Charging, about Kempower’s expansion in Poland.

What is the potential of the Polish market for Kempower?

Grzegorz Kujawa (GK): When it comes to e-mobility infrastructure development, Poland is just starting its journey to reach even the level that Western Europe is at now. There is tremendous potential because of the size of the market, as well as the fact that Kempower is entering Poland now and we are able to offer very modern solutions. We begin right at the top – instead of starting with small 50 kW installations, and we provide fast charging models with multiple plugs.

How does Poland differ from other e-mobility markets, and how does it influence Kempower’s strategy here?

Justyna Masztakowska (JM): Poland has taken a different approach to planning and implementation of the infrastructure. As a result, there are currently mainly freestanding chargers with a single CCS2 connector. However, this trend has started to change. It is becoming more important to build multi-station charging hubs, which are already present in many other European countries. This is the direction Kempower is heading in as well, and it is the best model to accommodate the increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads.

GK: Yes, our company's vision is to create the most desirable electric vehicle charging infrastructure for everyone everywhere. We are very focused on the user experience. Both of us drive electric cars and it can be frustrating when you pull up to a charging station and the device doesn't work. Therefore, we really appreciate Kempower devices because they are convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and above all reliable.

What is Kempower’s sales strategy?

GK: At Kempower, we focus on the design and production of devices and software. When it comes to sales, we rely on our network of installation and service partners who distribute our devices and have direct contact with end users.

Are there any elements of Finnish culture in the Polish team?

JM: Yes, there are quite a few! We all share the values promoted in the company, appreciate teamwork, care about the environment, and have courageous attitudes.

GK: And we love saunas!

How would you compare Polish and Finnish cultures?

GK: I believe we have more similarities than differences. Perhaps the Poles could still learn something about environmental awareness and work-life balance from Finns.

JM: I think both cultures also share a practical approach and unpretentiousness.

What tips would you give to a Finnish company considering entering the Polish market?

GK: First of all, it’s important to know that Poles have a very positive attitude towards companies from the Nordic countries. Secondly, I would advise putting trust in Polish people. The younger generation is well-acquainted with European business practices and is capable of running things smoothly. There used to be a belief that people needed constant supervision, but Poles truly know how to take initiative and find their way.

What are Kempower’s goals for the next few years?

GK: We aim to establish a significant presence in all forms of transportation, including cars, trucks, buses, heavy equipment, and various types of boats.


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