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Midsummer in Poland the Finnish way

How to celebrate Midsummer in Poland the Finnish way? We have the perfect guide for the longest day of the year!

☕ Kickstart your day with a hearty Finnish breakfast - a delicious porridge by Raisio. Complete the morning by savoring a hot coffee served in your favorite Moomin cup. Pro tip: enjoy it while relaxing on a comfy ISKU sofa, with Maustetytöt providing the fitting soundtrack for your Finnish day. 

👨‍🌾 Once you’re fueled up, head outside and enjoy the sunshine! Get your hands dirty with some gardening using indispensable Fiskars tools. If the heat gets too much, cool down with a refreshing Dumle ice cream – just hope your nearest Żabka hasn't run out!

🍔 After your sweet treat, keep the fun going by bouncing around on an ACON trampoline. If you get tired, gather your family and friends for a classic Finnish game of Mölkky from Tactic Games. Don’t forget to order your lunch from Hesburger (if you’re in Warsaw) via Wolt. Of course, you deserve some yummy Fazer candies for dessert. 

🧘‍♀️ No Finnish celebration is complete without a session in a Drop sauna. After you’ve thoroughly relaxed, indulge in some smoked salmon prepared with a Muurikka.

🛫 By now, you’re probably wishing this Finnish experience could last forever. Good news – it can! Visit Finnair’s website to book a flight to Helsinki or plan a trip to the Finnish village Kalevala in the Polish mountains.

There you have it – the authentic Finnish-inspired Midsummer in Poland. The best part? All these amazing Finnish companies are right here in the Polish market, ready to help you celebrate in style. 

Hyvää juhannusta, everyone!


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