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Poland with the most unicorns in CEE

According to the report by Google and Dealroom, Poland has more start-ups worth over $1billion than any other nation in the CEE. The report looks back at the growth of start-ups in the region over the last 11 years, during which the region has seen the value of companies soar from around EUR 10 billion in 2010 to EUR 186 billion this year.

Poland had the largest number of companies classified as unicorns with 10 companies. Estonia had 6, with Czechia and Ukraine both having 4 and the rest of the region having a total of 10 unicorns.

  • On the Polish list were household names such as Allegro and InPost.

  • The gaming industry contributed the most companies including CD ProjektRed, Huuuge (one of the founders is Finnish Anton Gauffin), PlayWay and Ten Square Games.

  • DocPlanner, Wirtualna Polska, CCC and LiveChat make up the remainder of the list. Poland had a very strong 2021 as 7 of these 10 became unicorns this year.

The report goes on to name 4 future unicorns from Poland that they predict will reach the $1 billion valuation- Booksy, Uncapped, Brainly and ICEYE (stared by Finnish Pekka Laurila and Polish Rafal Modrzewski).

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