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Rising unemployment - predictions

The waves of the unemployed came at the end of April, this is the first increase in unemployment rate in almost 30 years (5.7 percent), which means 964.8 thousand people unemployed so far and an increase of 55.4 thousand compared to the previous month.

As deputy minister of family, labor and social policy assures, data on rising unemployment in April are positive, however, the real wave of layoffs is still ahead. Society must take into account the delays associated with the operation of the market mechanism, as well as the uncertainties associated with the coming weeks. Therefore, June and July data will provide the real power of coronavirus impact on the labor market, as well as subsequent repercussions related to rising unemployment.

In turn, PKO Bank in its analyzes forecasts a decreasing flow of unemployed, and thus faster recovery from the "bottom" of the crisis.

There are at least a few answers to the question of whether Poland is facing a dramatic rise in unemployment, but none of them is able to determine a certain scenario that our country will follow.

Currently, the gouvernment transfers funds to entrepreneurs so that they can maintain their financial liquidity. According to Minister Malag, over PLN 8 billion has been transferred so far.

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