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Second publication by Spondeo is now available online

It is official! Our publication is ready!

About a year ago, we thought it would be an interesting little project to prepare a brochure about Finnish business & culture in Poland. After we started gathering ideas for stories, it quickly became evident that there was way too much content to fit in just a short pamphlet.

This is how our first publication came to life. In January 2022, we sent out 2,000 hard copies to numerous individuals and organizations in both Poland and Finland. We were overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we received. It motivated us to keep the ball rolling.

Long story short, you are looking at the second edition of our - now annual - publication. The project was managed by Anna Jędrzejewska and Julia Morta with the support of the entire Spondeo team.

This time we decided to showcase the Finnish community from a broader perspective. We invited several Finns for unique conversations about their experiences in Poland, asked Finnish companies to describe their journeys in the Polish market and gathered key data on the Polish economy. In the cultural part, you will find everything from Finnish literature through heavy metal and sauna to sports (ice hockey, padel, football, golf, mölkky).

Without further ado, it is time for you to get surprised by the widespread and fascinating Finnish influence in Poland.

If you wish to receive your own hard copy, feel welcome to let us know!

This project could not have been done without the support of our sponsors: YIT - Urban developer and construction company, Pagero, Vincit, Wolt, Wiima Logistics, Espeo Software, Efecte Plc, ECOVIS LEGAL POLAND Multan, Pruś i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawna i Podatkowa sp.j., Leinonen Group, FSP Steel Painting Sp. z o.o, HT Laser Oy, Hydroline, Polar Night Software. Thank you!

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