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Spondeo interviews YIT: All about Polish housing with a Finnish twist

The story of YIT in in Poland has begun in 2015. Since then, Finnish construction giant significantly expanded in Warsaw and Gdańsk, and has already taken steps to enter more Polish cities. What are the secrets of YIT's huge success achieved in the challenging Polish market?

It seemed to us that the company must have an interesting story to tell. We decided to ask Tomasz Konarski, the CEO of YIT Poland:

✅ Does the company plan to build saunas in Polish apartments?

✅ Are its Finnish origins appreciated by local customers?

✅ How are the current market conditions affecting YIT in Poland?

✅ What upcoming trends should we keep an eye on in the Polish market?

Click below to discover YIT's journey in Poland and learn everything you need to know about the future of Polish reale state market ⬇

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