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Spondeo supports Finnish artists at Ethno Port Poznan Festival 2021

Zaktualizowano: 27 sie 2021

Spondeo is a sponsor of two Finnish artists, who will perform at upcoming Ethno Port Poznań Festival 2021!

Ethno Port is often referred to as a „musical harbor” for acts from around the globe that are involved in creating ethnic sounds. During the three amazing days Poznań becomes filled with the inspirational sounds and vibes form basically each part of the world. During the festival one might also like to attend different types of workshops and/or meets and greets with musicians, cultural anthropologists as well as folk music experts.

Maija Kauhanen combines a deep experience of traditional Finnish music with a variety of artistic practices. She collaborates on a regular basis with several bands, among others, bursting with feminine energy Rönsy or the electro-folk Okra Playground. She also pursues her own dreams, which boldly wander through the worlds of old Finnish epics, ambitious pop and electronic experimentation.

Okra Playground is a real musical playground, which the artists from Helsinki have created in order to experiment with Finnish tradition. They do not fight with it, but rather have an admirable intuition for finding areas in which they can lose themselves. Their songs emanate the austerity and mystery of the North, and at the same time childlike joy, light and dancing exaltation.

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