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The best cities to live in Poland according to Business Insider

What's the best city to live in Poland? It's time to find out - Business Insider Polska has published a new ranking of main sixteen Polish cities.

The cities were ranked based on six categories: unemployment, wages, availability of housing and medical care, crime, and air quality.

Poznań is in the top ten in all categories, which gives the city a leading position. At the end of June, the unemployment rate there was only 1%. Poznań also ranked third in the air quality category and fourth in average salary.

The second place in the ranking was taken by Katowice, and the third by Opole. Wrocław and Olsztyn ranked just outside the podium. In Wrocław, high flat prices and their poor availability as well as long queues to doctors were the main negative factors.

Despite offering high wages and low unemployment, Warsaw (14th place) and Kraków (11th place) are near the bottom of the ranking due to extreme housing prices and poor air quality.


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