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The first padel court in Poznań to be opened this year

Padel is considered one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. The number of its enthusiasts in Finland has also increased in a short time and is currently estimated at 70k. The sport can be practiced throughout the year all over the country.There were 90 courts in Finland in 2019, but already 957 in 2022 (Sep 19).

At the same time, there are only 37 courts in 22 locations in Poland, and none in Poznań or the entire Wielkopolskie Voivodeship. Thanks to the cooperation of Tuomas Asunmaa (CEO of Spondeo), Juha Karjalainen (Partner Director at BestCoders) and Misa Ahola (CEO of Q-Factory), it is about to change.

The preliminary agreement has already been signed, which means that in early November we should be able to play padel in Poznań. Stay tuned!

Tuomas Asunmaa, the Founder of Spondeo, signing preliminary agreement in Poznań

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