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The future of cloud technology in Poland - EUR 27 billion by 2030

According to McKinsey's analysis, the widespread adoption of cloud technology by Polish companies and public institutions could generate value equivalent to 4% of Poland’s annual GDP by 2030, or €27 billion. Of this, 82% is expected to come from new business and innovative digitization that cloud architecture has unlocked or accelerated. The remaining 18% is likely to come from direct gains in regular business, including IT cost reduction, less downtime, and business automation.

Poland has a solid technological infrastructure to support cloud transformation and a growing digital economy that can directly benefit from it. To accelerate cloud adoption in Poland:

  • Policymakers should commit to cloud adoption - they can facilitate cloud adoption and lead by example in public-sector institutions.

  • Organizations cannot ignore the opportunity offered by cloud transformation. They need to understand how cloud can bring them value (e. g. through faster innovation and cost optimization), prepare a cloud strategy (including building the right capabilities) and then consistently implement that strategy.

  • Individuals need to acquire cloud-native technical and business skills. Such abilities will be essential in the coming decade.

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