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The most Finnish event in Poland this summer

BestCoders, in cooperation with Spondeo and SPCC, last Wednesday and Thursday organized Finnish events in two Polish cities, respectively Warsaw and Poznań. Both were attended by numerous Polish as well as Finnish clients and partners of the IT company. Poznań event was also joined by most members of Spondeo team.

The event officialy started with welcome words by Juha Karjalainen from Codemen, who was accompanied by his four-legged friend Elsa. The guests were then invited to do some networking while enjoying delicious Finnish dishes and drinks in a glamorous setting in the center of Poznań. The music star of the evening, Paula Wolski, mesmerized the audience with bittersweet folk songs inspired by traditional Finnish music. The concert was followed by hilariously informative stand-up comedy performed by Roman Schatz, the most famous German in Finland. The artist revealed a bunch of lovable quirks of Finns and their language, which were met with laughter after the guests realized how true they are.

It was amazing to spend this evening celebrating Finnish culture among Polish community. Moreover, it gave our international team, currently spread over five countries, a special chance to connect.

On Friday, Spondeo employees continued team-building activities near Rusałka lake in Poznań. We had a lot of fun competing in traditional sports straight from Finland, such as wellie wanging, mobile phone throwing and Mölkky. It was also interesting to verify our knowledge about Finland in a quiz and engage in conversations about cultural differences between Poland, Finland and Ukraine.

Thank you for spending these special days together. Till the next time!

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