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Tuomas Asunmaa reelected as FTG Chairman

The Finnish Trade Guild in Poland (FTG), Finnish section of SPCC, has elected its board for 2023. Spondeo founder Tuomas Asunmaa was again entrusted the role of the Chairman of FTG. The AGM was held at the Embassy of Finland in Warsaw.

  • With almost 370 members, SPCC is 3rd largest chamber in Poland and active in several regions.

  • Finnish section has nearly 60 corporate members all over Poland and organizes several Finnish events during the year (Summer Picnic, Crayfish party, Independence day, company visits, business breakfasts, etc).

  • SPCC itself organizes roughly 100 events annually, from business mixers to meetings with ambassadors and politicians.

It amazing to see how Finnish Trade Guild expands each year and successfully brings Finnish community in Poland together. We can’t wait for this year’s events and activities!

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