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Whole Poland as one special economic zone

Zaktualizowano: 6 maj 2019

On the 2. of June 2018, President Andrzej Duda signed the new special economic zone bill.

With the new law, there will be no special economic zones anymore – instead of that, investors in the whole country will become tax favoured. It means a lot of benefits for entrepreneurs and the Polish economy as well.

The new bill has been created in order to improve the investment attractiveness of Poland and make the development of regions in the country more equable. Currently, there are 14 special economic zones which include only 0,08% area of the country - with the new law, the whole country will be one special economic zone, which smoothens the entry process significantly. The tax incentive is valid at least until 2026 in the form of relief in CIT payments (Normal CIT stands at 19% - and 15% for small companies).

New investors will be treated favourably in each commune, however investments in medium-

sized cities, which slowly lose their social and economic functions, will be more incentivized. The new regulations are beneficial also for small and medium entrepreneurship, which will not be obligated to change their location according to SEZ borders.

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