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Netflix will open a new office in Poland this year

Netflix has announced that it will open a brand-new office in Warsaw. It will serve as a central hub for the streaming giant’s Central and Eastern European productions.

So far Netflix spent over EUR 105M on original films and series in Poland along with the creation of 2,600 jobs, “giving opportunities to actors, scriptwriters, directors and all of the below-the-line crews who are the backbone of every production”.

  • Series produced in Poland, such as The Woods, Sexify, Rojst ’97 and films such as David & the Elves, Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight, How I Fell in Love with a Gangster and the critically acclaimed Operation Hyacinth have connected with audiences across the region and regularly appeared in Netflix’s Top 10.

The Warsaw office will open later this year. It will be the streamer’s ninth European branch, following London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Istanbul and Stockholm.

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