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Polish population has dropped by nearly 200,000 people over the past year

Zaktualizowano: 27 sie 2021

With the expiration of the third wave of the coronavirus in May and June, the demographic situation has clearly improved, but the number of births remains lower and deaths higher than before the pandemic. The reason seems clear: fears of the health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic made Poles less likely to have children.

  • Less than 344,000 babies were born in Poland between July 2020 and June 2021. Such a low number of births within 12 months has not been recorded in Poland since at least the 1950s (since the Central Statistical Office’s data are available).

  • Meanwhile, the number of deaths was the highest - it reached almost 540,000 and was 130,000 higher than a year before.

Fortunately, as the pandemic subsided, the situation began to improve. The number of deaths in the last month was only 3 percent higher than last year – in April it was over 60%.

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