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Work benefits as a market standard

Zaktualizowano: 6 maj 2019

In-work benefits in Poland – a fancy or need?


You might think that work benefits are ingrown into the working reality. Some of these have become an everyday life and a part of the regular wage. Despite the fact that benefits are so widely used, it is definitely a market standard to to attract possible employees by adding to the salary something extra.


A solid employee benefits package can help to attract and retain the talents. The most common fringe benefits used in Poland are medical insurance and the Multisport card or another benefit system. Both of the mentioned options are offered by almost 50% of companies. A phone offered also for personal needs, is provided by 43% of companies. 38% of the respondents also give life insurance. The other benefits are a company car used as private (24%) and flexible working hours (21%).

Other popular benefits offered to the employees are life insurance for an employee and their family, which is usually covered partially by the employer, recreational entertainment including amusement activities, sport, and similar pursuits like theatre or cinema tickets. It is common for companies to promote ecological transport like getting to work by free City Bikes etc. Other perks such as common dining, everyday breakfast, free fruits and snacks or lounge areas could help the employee get better performance.

Depending on the type of organization, the benefits can differ. Generally, one should listen to the employees on what kind of benefits would suit them most. It might pay off to discuss, as choosing the right options can help decrease costs of fringe benefits that do not seem attractive to their beneficiaries. Even 5 euros per month can make a difference when it is spent on fulfilling the exact demand.

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