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Recruitment challenges in Poland

Zaktualizowano: 6 maj 2019

Every second company in Poland declares that recruitment problems keep appearing every month. According to HR consultancy Work Service report, the amount of employers facing difficulties with filling in free vacancies has increased by 18%.

Recent staff shortages become an obstacle for development plans for many companies

and even the whole sectors. According to the research, up to 50,5% of employers in Poland

had experienced difficulties in the recruitment area. The percentage is even higher in case of

companies planning a constant increase in the employment level - up to 70% of them has faced that kind of issue. The problem concerns mainly big companies, which hire more than 250 workers. The situation makes it crucial for the entrepreneurs to find an efficient way of how to handle with such problems as free vacancies and growing competition when it comes to attracting potential new employees through efficient employer branding solutions.

How employers plan to solve those issues? Most of the companies decide to offer higher

salary to attract members of staff as well as the candidates. The other action they try to take is extending the uptime so that they can fill in the missing working hours. In the case of huge

entrepreneurs, the best solution turns out to be hiring workers from Ukraine, so that

they can offset the excess of free vacancies.

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